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Inserm Transfert

Founded in the year 2000, Inserm Transfert SA is the private subsidiary of the French National Institute of the Health and Medical Research (Inserm). Its primary mission is to facilitate technology transfer, covering the entire process from the initial disclosure of inventions to the establishment of industrial partnerships. Inserm Transfert operates a wide range of technology transfer activities, encompassing both traditional value chain operations and unique approaches. Its outstanding track record includes extensive expertise in managing European collaborative initiatives and effectively leveraging project results.

Inserm Transfert will assist the Coordinator in the legal, administrative, financial, and project management of the consortium. It will contribute to the appropriate communication of the project results as well as in the dissemination, IP and exploitation activities.

Affiliated Partner


Christiane Dascher Nadel is senior project manager at Inserm Transfert who holds a PhD in Cell Biology and Genetics with an international experience in academic and industrial research. Joining Inserm Transfert in 2003 with the aspiration to accompany translational research from fundamental discoveries to the clinics, she has a successful 20-year track record in setting up and managing collaborative interdisciplinary European projects.

Adèle Mauroux

Adèle Mauroux is a European project manager with a scientific background in human physiology and physiopathology. After completing her PhD in skin physiology and tissue engineering at the interface between public and industrial laboratories, she worked as an in vitro project leader in cosmetics and dermocosmetics. She recently joined Inserm Transfert to get involved in interdisciplinary and collaborative biomedical research at the European scale.