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3rd January 2024

Obelisk Research Published in Diabetes Care

A paper entitled Pathogenic, Total Loss-of-Function DYRK1B Variants Cause Monogenic Obesity Associated With Type 2 Diabetes was published on 3rd January 2024 has been published in Diabetes Care.

The research investigated the effect of DYRK1B gene on monogenic obesity and type 2 diabetes through large-scale functional genetics. The involvement of this gene in the metabolic syndrome was discovered a few years ago (Keramti N Engl J Med. 2014 May 15;370(20):1909-1919), but few studies have since focused on it.

Findings discovered that only pathogenic, total loss-of-function DYRK1B variants cause monogenic obesity associated with type 2 diabetes. The study underscores the significance of conducting functional assessments in order to accurately ascertain the tangible effects of DYRK1B variants.

The paper can be seen here

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