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6th June 2023

Project Kick Off Announcement

Childhood obesity is a growing concern in Europe, with about 1 in 3 primary school-aged children being obese or overweight. This issue has long-term health consequences, including severe obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

A new European project called Obelisk is focused on preventing childhood obesity through a four-pronged approach: Prediction, Prevention, Precision, and Participation. The project aims to understand the molecular factors contributing to childhood obesity, develop predictive tools and treatments, identify genes associated with childhood obesity, and engage various stakeholders in the process.

Obelisk involves 15 partners from nine European countries and has received significant funding. The project coordinators are committed to delivering scientific innovations and educational materials to combat childhood obesity.

Obelisk began in May and will launch a public website in October 2023. You can stay updated on its progress by following @ObeliskProjectE on Twitter.


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