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4th March 2024

First Obelisk Podcast Launched on World Obesity Day

March 4th is World Obesity Day and this year's theme is "Let's Talk About Obesity & ......." to encourage more people to discuss the broader topics related to obesity. The goal is to challenge common misconceptions and provide a better understanding of the issue.

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The Obelisk Project has taken a step forward in the fight against childhood obesity by launching its first-ever podcast. Titled "Let's Talk about Obesity and Youth," it's aimed at starting a conversation about the underlying causes of childhood obesity and its impact on the well-being of children and society at large.




In this episode, we will delve deeper into childhood obesity. We will analyse the underlying causes and discuss the impact on children's well-being and consequences in later life. We will debate the urgency of addressing this issue and explore potential solutions for a healthier and more informed approach to tackling childhood obesity.

You can hear the podcast here and on Spotify

You can watch the discussion here



Please also help us widen the conversation on childhood obesity, and share the podcast through your social channels using #LetsTalk #WorldObesityDay

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